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1066 (LNA 166G)

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This is a Leyland Atlantean from the second delivered batch of 1051-1097. It differs from 1001 in that it has the longer wheel base, being 33 foot long and differs from the next batch 1101-1126 having the lower driving position. This was the first batch of Mancunians to have the air handbrake which had not been present on the earlier batch of 48, being 1001-1048, and it was much later before these were introduced to Daimler Fleetlines.

Interestingly, this Mancunian was not disposed of when the last five were taken out of service on 13th December 1984, but was retained by Greater Manchester Transport, as it had been converted to an Exhibition vehicle in June 1981. The upper deck had a cinema and canteen area, whilst the lower deck was fitted out for displays of various promotional aspects. It was painted in a distinctive orange/yellow livery, and called the Exhibus, and was given ancillary vehicle No. A106.

A partial similar treatment took place with SELNEC/GMT Standard 7054, which was converted on the upper deck to a cinema, but the lower deck was untouched, and this was known as the Study Bus. This had the ancillary vehicle No. A231, and was painted in green and grey. Sometime afterwards, it was painted in red and white for use by the Central Manchester College.

At de-regulation on 26th October 1986, both these vehicles, Exhibus Mancunian A106 and the Study Bus A231, passed to GM Buses. 1066 remained as the Exhibus, but 7054 found its way into the Training Fleet and given a different version of the training livery, whilst retaining No. A231. 1066 suffered some detriment with parts being taken off whilst at Charles Street, until the intervention of The SELNEC Preservation Society, which seemed to generate some interest by GM Buses, who undertook rectification work on the vehicle.

At the split of GM Buses on 13th December 1993, and privatisation on 31st March 1994, both these vehicles passed to GM Buses South Ltd. 1066 was painted in a new all-over orange GM Buses South livery. On the acquisition of GM Buses South Ltd. by Stagecoach, A231 was taken out of the Training Fleet and 1066 was made available for sale. It had only been used on odd occasions for exhibition work after having been re-painted, and The SELNEC Preservation Society were fortunate in acquiring it from Stagecoach Manchester for preservation on 8th August 1996.

It is our fifth Mancunian, and for the time being, is being retained by The SELNEC Preservation Society as an exhibition and support vehicle, in that it can be used to display the activities of The SELNEC Preservation Society in its capacity as an exhibition bus, and also be used to carry spare wheels, tools, etc in terms of a support vehicle.

Once the other four Mancunians owned by the Society are restored, then a decision on 1066 will be taken, as to whether to restore it also to its original Mancunian status or whether to retain it as an exhibition and support vehicle, bearing in mind we also have 7232 (VNB 203L) as a second exhibition and support vehicle.



1051 - 1097

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(LNA 166G)


Park Royal H47/29D



Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1



4th December, 1968



8th August, 1996



One of the second batch of Atlantean Mancunians, featuring the 33' body. This vehicle was not withdrawn in 1984 with its contemporaries, but remained until 1996 as an exhibition vehicle - 'Exhibus'.

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