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1177 (ONF 865H)

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The SELNEC Preservation Society made efforts to purchase an original SELNEC delivered Mancunian, being Atlantean 1177, which had for some time been used as a Playbus having been donated to Amblecote Children's Entertainment Committee on 27th January 1984 by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive.

1177 had not seen any further service after being withdrawn from Greater Manchester Transport, in that it passed directly to the Amblecote Children's Entertainment Committee out of service, and was operated by them as a play vehicle for a number of years, in all-over white, before subsequently being painted red. It was often seen around the Walkden and West Manchester areas, in various car parks, at Tesco and at other venues. It operated as a playbus for young children at these venues until the committee's use for it came to an end and then it became stored at the Chloride Factory on the A6 near Walkden where coincidentally, at the time, whilst the SELNEC Preservation Society was seeking to achieve to secure premises, we stored 7206 and 7185.

We were keen to secure an additional Mancunian, and in particular a SELNEC coloured Atlantean, and hence negotiations ensued with the Amblecote Children's Entertainment Committee, resulting in our acquisition of the vehicle on 14th May 1991.

It is, along with three other Mancunians: 1142, 2130 and 2220, a long term project for restoration, particularly as it does not have any seats in place and it needs the conversion to a play vehicle to be reversed, but at least it has been secured and saved for preservation in the future.



1161 - 1194

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(ONF 865H)


Park Royal H47/28D



Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1



1st July, 1970



14th May, 1991



One of the only batch of Mancunian Atlanteans delivered in SELNEC livery. It has a centre position, forward ascending staircase.

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