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This vehicle was acquired by The SELNEC Preservation Society on 14th November 1992, from the Workers Films Association, who had kept the vehicle since purchasing it from GMT in 1983. They had intended to convert it to a mobile film unit, but this had never transpired. Whilst at their premises in Hulme, the bodywork, in particular the windows, were vandalised and consequently, rain had penetrated the inside of the bus and ruined the seats, melamine, etc., which all perished.

It was purchased by The SELNEC Preservation Society with the specific intention of using it as a source of spare parts for fibreglass, glass, melamine and other internal fittings that were unique to the Mancunian design. These will assist in the rectification process of our other Mancunians. In any event, it was a vehicle from the same batch as 1177, and therefore, sending it for scrap after the removal of the parts will not affect the preservation of vehicles of various types of Mancunian in existence.

Having stored the bus in the Society's premises in Leigh for four years, when the space there was required for other vehicles, plans were put into place on 23rd November 1997, to have it towed to the yard of GM Buses South Ltd. at Bennett Street, to be stored there for a period, in order to allow the time and the space to remove all the various fixtures and fittings.

On 15th March 1998, members of the West Midlands Bus Preservation Group very kindly visited Bennett Street to remove the engine and gearbox etc., and these parts, plus all the various body parts removed by the members of The SELNEC Preservation Society, were taken and put into storage at the premises in Leigh.

Subsequently, on 16th June 1998, the vehicle was sold to PVS for scrap, being towed away, and thus realising most needed funds for the Society. At the same time, we also retained the six wheels from the bus which are much needed as spares for other vehicles with the same sized tyres.

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