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The SELNEC PTE and later GMPTE essentially acquired their Bristol single deck vehicles, being RESL 6G's and LH2's from a very small number of constituent companies, principally, SHMD, North Western, Wigan and Lancashire United. Only SHMD formed part of the original group of 11 companies which came together on 1st November 1969 to form the SELNEC PTE. North Western was added later on 1st January 1972, Wigan on the formation of Greater Manchester Transport on 1st April 1974 and LUT had full absorption on 1st April 1981.

When GMT acquired the Wigan Fleet on 1st April 1974, they had on order from 1973, but not delivered until after 1st April 1974, six single deck Bristol LH2's, 1320-1325, which were delivered to GMT as XVU ---M registrations, painted in orange/white livery but with Wigan maroon interiors.

However, they were stored until after August 1974 when they were re-registered to N registration, BNE 763N-BNE 768N. 1321 finally entered service at the GMT Wigan depot on 9th September 1974, which was it's home for eight years until being withdrawn and sold on 9th July 1982 after a very short life. All the class found new owners for further service, 1321 went to St Matthew's Morris Troupe in Stretford painted in dark blue, then later cream. Having been stored unused for a couple of years, 1321 became available for sale in October 1998 and purchased by the SELNEC Preservation Society on 20th October 1998. 1321 is the first Bristol single deck to join the SELNEC Preservation Society's Fleet and will, in time, be restored to its GMT operating condition.

Interestingly, having just acquired 1321 and before making our acquisition of it publicly known, we received a speculative enquiry from Silver Star Coach Holidays Ltd in Caernarfon, in respect of the fact that they intended to take out of service in March 1999, BNE 765N (1322) and were enquiring whether we wished to obtain it for preservation. We explained that we had just acquired 1321 and as there were only six vehicles delivered in this batch, it would be a duplication, but would welcome being advised to whom it was sold if it went for further service, or to obtain parts from it for 1321, should it be intended for scrap.

Since it was purchased for preservation on 20th August 1998 it has been stored outside on a farm in South Manchester. Whereas a space has been created for it in our internal storage premises in Wigan, it had not been taken there because of the engine problems experienced with the vehicle previously, in that there are a number of items on the engine that are either damaged or missing.

It was felt too expensive to try to replace these, so we have resourced a complete Leyland 480 engine and gearbox, which was initially put into store at Wigan. Arrangements have now been made with Walsh's the Gardner engine specialists in Irlam, to undertake to remove the damaged engine and gearbox from the vehicle and fit the exchange unit. In this regard the replacement unit was delivered to Walsh's premises on Thursday 15th March 2001, and thereafter, on Friday 16th March 2001, we engaged a tow company to take 1321 from South Manchester to Walsh's where it currently resides.

In order to keep the cost of this work down, Walsh's have indicated they will undertake the exchange in quiet spells in their operation and consequently, currently the spare unit and vehicle are at their premises awaiting for the opportunity for this work to be carried out. Once the replacement unit has been fitted to 1321 it will be driven (on trade plates) from Walsh's to our internal storage premises in Wigan, where it will be parked up in the space designated for it, as indicated on the plan on the next page showing the layout of vehicles at these premises.

We will also be collecting the old engine and gearbox when they have been taken out of 1321, as this, despite not being operational, will be available for a source of spare parts for the future.



1320 - 1325

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(BNE 764N)


Eastern Coachworks B43F



Bristol LH6L



9th September, 1974



20th October, 1998



One of only six of these vehicles ordered by Wigan Corporation and delivered to GMT.

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