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With the eventual demise of the Fleetline and Atlantean chassis due Greater Manchester Transport were conscious that they would need to look at developing their Standard body to fit newly developed rear engined or mid engined chassis and embarked upon a fleet number series in which to put these which very much mirrored the original EX experimental series used by their predecessors SELNEC.

The fleet number series chosen was the 14xx series. This series started off when the Bristol VRT's ordered by North Western delivered to SELNEC Cheshire had been renumbered, They were delivered as 400 to 424 but were renumbered shortly after to 1400 to 1424.

1400-1424 Chassis Bristol VRT/SL2/6LX   Built 1973  
Bodywork Eastern Coachworks H43/32F Number in Stock 25
1400 AJA 400L 1405 AJA 405L 1410 AJA 410L 1415 AJA 415L 1420 AJA 420L
1401 AJA 401L 1406 AJA 406L 1411 AJA 411L 1416 AJA 416L 1421 AJA 421L
1402 AJA 402L 1407 AJA 407L 1412 AJA 412L 1417 AJA 417L 1422 AJA 422L
1403 AJA 403L 1408 AJA 408L 1413 AJA 413L 1418 AJA 418L 1423 AJA 423L
1404 AJA 404L 1409 AJA 409L 1414 AJA 414L 1419 AJA 419L 1424 AJA 424L

Therefore, in 1974, Greater Manchester Transport took a proving quantity of ten of the new experimental Metropolitain Double Deckers and numbered these in the series 1425 to 1434.

1425-1434 Chassis Metropolitan BR111DH Built 1974
Bodywork Metro-Cammell Weymann H44/29F Number in Stock 10
1425 GNC 277N 1427 GNC 279N 1429 GNC 281N 1431 GNC 283N 1433 GNC 285N
1426 GNC 278N 1428 GNC 280N 1430 GNC 282N 1432 GNC 284N 1434 GNC 286N

They were followed over the years by the following purchases:-

1435-1436 Chassis Foden NC Built 1976
Bodywork Northern Counties H43/32F Number in Stock 2


LNA 258P


PNE 358R            
1437-1440 Chassis Dennis Dominator DD110(1439/40:DDA136) Built 1980/1
Bodywork Northern Counties H43/32F Number in Stock 4
1437 HDB 438V 1438 HDB 438V 1439 TND 439X 1440 TND 440X    
1446-1448 Chassis Volvo Ailsa B55-10 Built 1980/2
Bodywork Northern Counties H44/35F Number in Stock 3
1446 NNA 134W 1447 WRJ 447X 1448 WRJ 448X        
1451 Chassis Leyland (Bristol) Olympian B45 TL11/1R Built 1980
Bodywork Northern Counties H43/30F Number in Stock 1
1451 NJA 568W                
1461-1462 Chassis Scania BR112DH Built On order for 1983
Bodywork Northern Counties H43/32F Number in Stock 2
1461 FWH 471Y 1462 FWH 462Y            
1471-1473 Chassis Dennis Falcon V DD405 Built 1984
Bodywork Northern Counties H47/37F Number in Stock 3
1471 A471 HNC 1472 A472 HNC 1473 A473 HNC        
1463-1467 Chassis Scania N113 DRB Built 1991
Bodywork Northern Counties H47/28F Number in Stock 5
1463 H463 GVM 1464 H464 GVM 1465 H465 GVM 1466 H466 GVM 1467 H467 GVM
1481-1483 Chassis Volvo Citybus B10M-50 Built 1986
Bodywork Northern Counties H46/33F Number in Stock 3
1481 C481 CBU 1482 C483 CBU 1483 C483 CBU        

There are no Metropolitans in the batch 1425 to 1434 still existence and the two Foden NCs, 1435 and 1436, have both been scrapped. We understand there is still an experimental Dennis Dominator 1439 in existence but we have not been keen to pursue this on the basis that we have 2001 (B901 TVR) the first production GMT Dennis Dominator.

Members will know that we have attempted to obtain one sample of each of the remaining experimental vehicle batches in 1400 series and had obtained the following by 2006:

Fleet No Registration Vehicle Type Acquired Date
1448 WRJ 448X Volvo Ailsa 28th November 2004
1451 NJA 568W Leyland Olympian 28th June 2000
1461 FWH 461Y Scania BR112 30th June 2004
1472 A472 HNC Dennis Falcon V 13th October 2002

As for the final batch of 1400 experimental vehicles 1481 � 1483, the Volvo Citybuses we determined that we ought to have one of these as a stable mate to the other 1400 vehicles we have been able to acquire but on making initial enquiries it became apparent to us that both 1482 and 1483 had been withdrawn and then scrapped and sent to Barnsley, due to engine problems, leaving only 1481 in service at Bury Depot.  Members went to visit 1481 on Tuesday 30th December 2003 and travelled on it in its First Manchester rail red livery and were disturbed to hear some rather expensive sounding noises coming from the vehicle, particularly on its gear change operation.  However, we did discuss our interest in securing the vehicle with First Group.  It then rather surprisingly and awkwardly was transferred to First Edinburgh on 16th July 2004.  Therefore on Friday 24th June 2005 members went to visit it at the Dalkeith Depot, it then running in Barbie II livery.  This visit to Dalkeith was reported in our Newsletter Number 29 of September 2005.  Travelling on it this time it did sound much healthier but because of the very low clearance height at Dalkeith Depot it is understood that some adjustments had been made to the air suspension system and it had been fitted with low profile Metrobus tyres.

We kept in contact with First Group�s Head Office in Aberdeen and First Edinburgh and were advised as reported in newsletter number 32 of September 2006 that it had come out of service in July 2006, only to go back into service a week late on a short term contract.  We were subsequently advised on 8th September 2006 that the vehicle had come out of service again and was withdrawn permanently.  Therefore arrangements were put in place for us to pursue our acquisition of this vehicle for preservation.  We are very much indebted to the help of Tony Galliphant from First Group Head Office and Stephen Stokes at First Edinburgh for their assistance in allowing us to do so.

It had been agreed that the low profile Metrobus tyres would be removed and Michelin kindly fitted six Standard 11R22�s in their place and once we had made payment for the bus and received the appropriate paperwork for the tyres, put it on our fully comprehensive insurance.  Members travelled to Edinburgh on Friday 27th October 2006.  We stayed overnight for an early start on Saturday morning, 28th October 2006, to collect this vehicle from the Livingston Depot where it had been parked up for safe storage.  Using trade plates we set off on a long trip back down various motorways to return this vehicle to our East Manchester premises with the journey commencing at 11.15 am and concluding at 6.00 pm. with three stops for fuel.  Oil started to leak from the fly wheel area around Preston but this did not prevent the bus getting to its destination. It was first registered on 1st June 1986 and passed to the SELNEC Preservation Society on 23rd October 2006.  It has body number 2857 and chassis number 9583.  This is our second Volvo acquisition and will make an interesting comparison to 1448, another experimental vehicle, a Volvo Ailsa.



1481 - 1483

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(C481 CBU)


Northern Counties H43/33F



Volvo Citybus B10-50



1st June 1986



23rd October 2006



The first of only three prototype standard bodies adapted to fit a Volvo B10 Citybus chassis.


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