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2130 (NNB 589H)

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It is the case that a private preservationist purchased two Fleetline Mancunians for preservation from second-hand operator Norfolks of Nayland, being vehicles 2130 and 2139, which were both delivered new as Park Royal bodied Daimler Fleetlines in red/white livery. In comparison with 1001, although bodywork and colour schemes are very similar, they have the longer chassis and higher driving position.

2139 has been returned to its original red/white colour scheme but having been converted to a single door layout by its second-hand operators, Norfolks of Nayland, it still has this 'pseudo' single door format, not having been converted back to its original dual door status. 2130 had been converted at the front end with the wrong windscreens by Norfolks of Nayland, and remained in their green and cream livery, when it was sold to The SELNEC Preservation Society on 1st December 1993 by its previous owner.



2101 - 2144

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(NNB 589H)


Park Royal H47/28D



Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB



1st February, 1970



1st December, 1993



One of the third and final batch of Mancunian Fleetlines delivered in red/white livery. It has a centre position, rearward ascending staircase.

The first three Mancunians preserved by The SELNEC Preservation Society depict the three different staircase positions:

            Forward ascending             -             Centre           -             1177

            Rearward ascending           -             Centre           -             2130

            Forward ascending             -             Front             -             1142

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