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8141 (GNF 16V)

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This was not a vehicle that we had initially considered securing for preservation and had in fact, earlier in the year, considered possibly acquiring it as a source of Northern Counties body and Leyland Fleetline chassis/engine spare parts until this role was originally fulfilled by the acquisition of 6950.

However, because of a particular interest of one of our members, Dave Weaver, and a few other aspects, we considered it might be appropriate for us to secure one additional Northern Counties bodied Leyland Fleetline for preservation.

It had become apparent that there was a considerable amount of interest by individuals, who perhaps being new to preservation were realising that the number of GMT Standards available for preservation were fast diminishing and consequently there seemed to be an unprecedented emphasis by individuals to secure alloy bodied Leyland Atlanteans.

This can be understood in one sense, because they are less likely to have corrosion problems and, being the newest Standards delivered, means they are more likely to come straight out of service in relatively good condition. Indeed, thus far, of those that have been acquired for preservation or may be acquired for preservation, there looks as if there could be a total of eight; 8460, 8551, 8573, 8585, 8697, 8706, 8758 and 8765. Add these to the metal framed Standard Atlanteans also in preservation (EX1, 7001, 7143, 7501, 7719 (8160?), 7960 and 8151) would seem to leave the Northern Counties bodied Fleetline in the minority except for those delivered to LUT.

Whereas there were 90 Leyland Fleetlines delivered to LUT and 250 Daimler/Leyland Fleetlines delivered to Greater Manchester Transport, it seems the former is attracting most attention. At least four of the 90 are held for preservation, with 6950 secured for spares, totalling five, being 6901, 6927, 6931, 6950 and 6990.

However, in terms of the 250 Daimler Fleetlines or Leyland Fleetlines delivered to GMT, there is only one in preservation (i.e. 8001, (XBU 1S)). Although the SELNEC Preservation Society has four Daimler Fleetlines delivered to SELNEC PTE (i.e. EX19, 7185, 7206 and 7232), we only have one GMT delivered Fleetline, that being a Leyland Fleetline as opposed to Daimler Fleetline 8001, and to our knowledge there are no other ex-GMT, either Daimler Fleetlines or Leyland Fleetlines, in the ranks of preservation except, possibly, 7414. Also the abundance of interest in alloy Atlanteans (white/orange/brown livery) and LUT Fleetlines (red/grey or special orange/white livery) means that there are only two of the most prevalent orange/white GMT Northern Counties Standards in preservation, 7501 and 8001.

Consequently, we felt it might be sensible to secure one of the latest Fleetlines delivered to GMT exhibiting the development of the body style and felt that 8141 was the best choice for a number of reasons, especially as the last 8150 had been scrapped some years ago. Firstly, we knew it was shortly to come out of service with First Calderline, who had very much assisted us with preservation activities in the past, especially in securing 6912, the only alloy bodied Standard Fleetline. Secondly, it was the ninth to last and the ninth newest GMT delivered Fleetline Standard.

Of more interest perhaps, was the fact that it has registration number GNF 16V. This had come about because of a shortage in delivery of Leyland Titans in 1979/1980. Initially GMT wanted to secure a large fleet of Titans, as was to be the case with London Transport, and initially had expected to receive 30, reserving registration marks ANE 1T to ANE 30T, but in that particular registration year, 1978-1979, only four arrived; 4001-4002/4004-4005, which were duly registered ANE 1T - ANE 2T/ANE 4T-ANE 5T. 4003 arrived late and received a one-off V registration, FVR 3V. Thereafter, once Titan deliveries re-commenced, a block of registrations commencing at GNF 6V were acquired, but as deliveries dried up at Titan No. 15 the last Titan was registered GNF 15V, and it turned out to be the very last Titan ever delivered to Greater Manchester and is owned by the SELNEC Preservation Society.

In the pipeline at that stage, but never delivered, were 4016 and 4017 (registration numbers GNF 16V and GNF 17V) and consequently these were applied to two Leyland Fleetlines; 8141 and 8142, which were the last "V" registered Fleetlines, the remainder of the batch; 8143 to 8150, being "W" reg.

We have an interesting vehicle here that has a Titan designated registration number which will look interesting when restored and parked next to 4015. We have GNF 15V on a Leyland Titan and GNF 16V on the Leyland Fleetline.

The other aspect that makes 8141 of interest is the position in which it was built at Northern Counties: 8121-8140/8301-8302/1451/8141-8149/8303-8305/6966-6967/8150/8306-8329.

It can be seen that 8141 was built immediately after the one and only prototype Leyland Olympian 1451, which because of its delay in having to appear at the Commercial Vehicle Motor Show in 1980 actually has a "W" registration. However, 1451 is body number 8901, and 8141 is body number 8902, followed by 8142 with body number 8903.

Finally, another point of interest in respect of 8141 is that it was chosen to be the prototype Standard vehicle to exhibit the proposed new brown salt and pepper moquette when delivered on 9th July 1980, which was to become the norm from deliveries from 8488 onwards nearly two years later, in March 1982.

Consequently, it is the only orange/white GMT Standard to have been delivered with salt and pepper moquette seats. It also has on the back the interim light cluster arrangements with a separate rear fog light being built into the pods beneath the normal light cluster, which had been the design since 8116, until the new integrated units came into place from 8146. The design of the body on 8141 shows the recessed lower-deck windows, which had been the norm since 8116 and the absence of silver polished beading which had been abandoned from 8133. It was also one of a small number of vehicles to have a centre vertical bar on its hopper windows.

All in all, therefore, in choosing a second exhibit to be a GMT orange/white Fleetline Standard, and of the later design, 8141 had to be the best choice and consequently it was acquired from First Calderline on Friday 10th August 2001 whereupon it had fitted to it, very kindly by First Calderline, a replacement set of windscreens. This vehicle is currently in the Calderline white/blue/yellow colours, as is 6912, and has chassis number 7805150.



8001 - 8150 (Type iv(R))

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(GNF 16V)


Northern Counties H43/32F - Mark 1A



Leyland Fleetline FE30GR



9th July 1980



10th August 2001



The 9th to the last GMT ordered Fleetline, with one of the two surplus Titan registrations (GNF 16V - 17V) and the only Standard delivered in orange and white to have (experimental) brown salt & pepper seats.

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