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The Selnec Preservation Society

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CHARITABLE DONATIONS - Regular contributions, Donations, Legacies, Bequests and Wills

The size of our collection of vehicles has now stabalised, however funds are still an huge contribution not only to pay for storage of the vehicles in terms of rent and rates, but also insurance along with the funding of the rectification of different buses to return them to their original condition and the cost to taking key vehicles out as part of our educational and historic objectives on the relevant rallies, road runs and shows, in order that the public, bus enthusiasts and preservationists alike can see them in their proper environment, i.e. mobile in an urban street setting. 

Until 2015, we received £15.00 per year from each of our members and we was grateful that so many of our members would renew year in, year out. However, the costs of producing the newsletter were considerably eating into the amount of funds available from the membership fees, although certain members when they renew do very kindly send us donations from time to time.

We have a number of very loyal members who have entered into a regularly monthly contribution arrangement with the society and again their help and support is appreciated perhaps more than ever now that our collection has risen to such a large size. 

Should any members therefore wish to assist the society in maintaining its ongoing custody of its vehicles and also to assist with the funding of its restoration projects, then there are three aspects to be considered.

1)      DONATION

These will be gladly accepted in terms of a cheque sent to the Membership Secretary, (cheques made payable to the registered charity, 'The SELNEC Educational Trust').

 Regular contributions allow us to forward plan restoration projects and give us the confidence to manage a big project, whereas one-off donations make forward planning and cash flow to manage projects very difficult. The majority of regular contributors donate either £5.00 or £10.00 a month, but others contribute much more. If you were to contribute £10.00 per month, that equates to just £2.30 per week.

In addition to any anticipation of assistance and support with funding and resources be it by donation or regular standing order, we also take this opportunity of thanking all our members for remaining with us and for any additional help and support they have given in the past or are to give for the future.

 2)      LEGACY

In addition, to one off donations or an ongoing monthly standing order arrangement there is another, one off, way in which members might consider (very much from a long term point of view) in assisting the society through supporting the SELNEC Educational Trust, our registered charity, and that is leaving a legacy to this charity.  We have spoken to a sister group, the Lancastrian Transport Trust, who have advised us as to the possibilities of support being left by individuals in their wills by means of a legacy to our registered charity and as a consequence of discussions with them and their assistance with the background circumstances of how this would take effect they have proposed wording that might used for inserting the appropriate clause in any wills drawn up for the future.  Clearly we do not wish any of our members to expire on us to help us gain additional funds to pursue our charitable historical and education aims, but time does move on and one has to look to the future as no one lasts forever.  Consequently, we give guidance below should any individuals wish to consider leaving a legacy to the charity as follows:-

A legacy of any kind or size will benefit the work of the Trust and will be put to good use.  A "pecuniary bequest" is a fixed amount of money stated in your will, but perhaps the most beneficial is a "residuary bequest".  This means that, once you have provided for your family, loved ones and friends, you leave the remainder, or residue, of your estate or a share of it to your favourite charities, amongst which we hope the SELNEC Educational Trust will be found.

     Quite apart from such cash legacies, it is also worth remembering that many of our treasured possessions as transport enthusiasts could so easily be regarded as worthless and thrown away by less interested relatives or friends.  In your will, instructions can be given for the disposal of such items to a good home.  Perhaps the SELNEC Educational Trust may be appropriate in some cases.


      Taking professional advice is important when drawing up a will, but for anyone wishing to leave something to the SELNEC Educational Trust the following form of words should be appropriate:-

Residuary Bequests:

"Subject to the payment of my debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, I give the whole ___% of my estate not otherwise disposed of by this my will to the SELNEC Educational Trust (Registered Charity Number 1040173) of 220 Adswood Road, Adswood, Stockport, SK3 8PB for the general purposes of the Trust and I declare that the receipt of its Treasurer or other proper officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge."

Residuary Bequests:

"I give free of tax to the SELNEC Educational Trust (Registered Charity Number 1040173) of 220 Adswood Road, Adswood, Stockport, SK3 8PB the sum of £____. for the general purposes of the Trust and I declare that the receipt of its Treasurer or other proper officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge."

A gift in your will can help the SELNEC Educational Trust to continue its work in the years to come and we hope you may consider it to be a worthy cause. Thank you.