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Although a considerable number of improvements were incorporated in the first production Standards as a result of the evaluation of the 21 prototypes, design and development continued throughout the operation of these production vehicles, and during delivery of these vehicles, certain one-off trials were tested, and permanent design changes were made.

One-off Aspects

7292 was fitted with a special gearbox.

7348 and 7511 fitted with experimental tachographs.

7399/7400/7402-7419/7421/7501-7504 fitted with special deck tread - red in colour.

7560-7563/7576/7578-7579 different variations of special deck tread.

7348/7398/7401/7511 carpet tiles.

7511 Alloy body and photochomic windows.

7595/7597-7599/7600-7620/7733 experimental all over orange moquette.

7483 glass protection partition for driver.

7773 experimental push-button gearbox.

7789/7843-7844/8166/8170/8174-8175/8189/8190/8200 piped music.

8264 electronic equipment for route numbers.

8361 diamond lower-deck grab rails.

Permanent Design Changes.

7348 (trial)/ then 7401 onwards Mark 1A body, flat windscreens changed to curved windscreens.

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7365 windows changed from hopper to sliders on the last two windows on the near-side/offside lower deck.

7454-7469/7560-7596 matt silver entrance rails and luggage rails.

7438 (trial)/7470/7597 onwards black plastic-covered entrance rails and luggage rails.

7524 (trial)/7470/7585 onwards black melamine on entrance/cab ceiling.

7524 (trial)/7481/7585 onwards black melamine extended to the top of window surrounds.

7560 onwards Atlantean with full automatic transmission.

7760 onwards Maxitron alarms fitted.

8126/8362 onwards cab heaters fitted.


6931/8133/8298/8300 onwards removal of silver bands.

6957/8116/8305 onwards lower deck windows flush to recessed.

8116/8287/8291 onwards foglight added to rear lighting cluster.

6966/8146/8303 onwards new lights cluster.

6942/6947/6950/8101/8229 onwards all over orange moquette.

6963/6960/8149/8306/8308 onwards two to three hinges on .........................................

8334 onwards last bus with translucent roof panels.

8433/8437/8438/8443 onwards light alloy body.

8141 (trial)/8488 onwards all over salt & pepper moquette.

8500/8501/8503 onwards brown seat frames.

When the first major batch of SELNEC production 'Standards' were required in 1972, the initial quantity was so large that Park Royal had to be used to supplement the supply with 200 bodies. A situation that was repeated in 1978/79 with a further 160 'Standard' bodies being produced by Park Royal.

However, except for these 360 Park Royal variants, the true SELNEC/GMT 'Standard' was the Northern Counties version, which accounts for all the other 'Standards' ever built and delivered. 

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