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                                  The Selnec Preservation Society

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Details of the Society, the preserved vehicles and the batches from which they originate:

Section A:
The SELNEC Preservation Society - history, aspirations, objectives and the future.

Section B:
Background history of Manchester Corporation Transport Department's rear-engined double deck buses and preservation of 3832 & 4708.

Section D:
Manchester City Transport's new Mancunian and preservation of five ex-Manchester/SELNEC examples 1142, 1177, 2130, 2220 and 1066.

Section E:
Formation of SELNEC PTE in 1969, and the background history to the development of the SELNEC/GMT Standard double deck bus and the acquisition of the prototype Standards EX1 and EX19, plus the preservation of 16 relevant examples 7206, 7185, 7143, 7232, 7077, 7147, 7366, 7501, 7960, 8001, 6990, 6901, 8765 and 6912.

Section F:
Second generation Standards and the preservation of relevant SELNEC/GMT Olympians, 1451 and 3001, Dennis Dominator 2001 and MCW Metrobus 5320.

Section G:
Preservation of four of SELNEC/Greater Manchester's First Minibuses 1700, 1711, 1733, 1735 and 1737.

Section H:
Other recently preserved vehicles from the SELNEC/GMT fleet, 408, 1321, 105, 4015, 5001, 1751 and 1823.

Section I:
The remaining vehicles in the batches from which the SELNEC Preservation Society has an interest or has preserved examples.