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7501 - 7800

After 21 prototypes and the first batch of 500 production Standards, 7001 - 7500, had been ordered, repeat orders followed. The next batch was to be 300 Leyland Atlanteans bodied by Northern Counties which had previously been the rarest chassis/body combination, with only five production examples in 1972 (7146-7150).

However, by the time the first of these Northern Counties bodied Leyland Atlanteans (7501) was to be built, there was a shortage of Fleetline chassis, and the previous batch (7401 - 7500) had not all been delivered. Initially, the idea was to have 7501 as a one-off dual door Leyland Atlantean Standard, exhibited at the 1974 Commercial Vehicle Motor Show, but these plans fell through. Hence, 7501 was delivered as a conventional Northern Counties bodied single door front entrance Standard, albeit, the first Atlantean to display the Mark 1A body with wraparound windscreens, displayed first on Daimler Fleetline 7401, although it had been experimental on 7328.

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