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8401 - 8765

Although GMT records show that initially the final batch of Standard Atlanteans was to end at 9463 in later years, it was determined that 8401 - 8825 was to be the last batch. However, these were cut short by 60 in favour of Leyland Olympians because of the new European Regulations in respect of the engines and chassis. Hence, the series ended with 8765 and this was built on 1st July 1984.

However, by this time, a single prototype Olympian had been built by Northern Counties on 1st October 1980 (1451) and exhibited at the Commercial Vehicle Motor Show during that year, and production Olympians had commenced with 3001 in 1982, with the first vehicle, 3001, being featured at the 1982 Commercial Vehicle Motor Show, with the legend "The 1,250th Standard body supplied by Northern Counties to Greater Manchester" on its side, and entered service after evaluation on 1st February 1983. By the time 8765 was delivered, on 1st July 1984, Olympian deliveries had reached 3025.

7001 - 7400, as indicated earlier, had the Mark 1 Standard body, and all vehicles built after 7401 had the Mark 1A Standard body - the main difference being the wraparound windscreens.

However, production methods at Northern Counties were developing, and during the batch of Atlanteans commencing with 8401, they had developed the light alloy body frame construction, which first appeared on 8433.

8433, was the first Standard which had the light alloy body, and around this time, the chassis changed to AN68B/1R. However. there were 31 vehicles delivered with the new light alloy body on the older AN68A/1R chassis, being 8433 / 37 - 38 / 43 - 47 / 50 - 54 / 57-59 / 67 / 73 / 79 / 82 / 86 - 89 / 91 - 92 and 95 - 99.

More routinely, the light alloy body was delivered with the new AN68B/1R chassis and this is how it continued up to 8525, except that there was one odd vehicle, 8425, that had the new AN68B/1R chassis, but the old Mark 1A body.

From 8526, the light alloy body continued, but on the AN68D/1R chassis, and it is this combination that was still evident on 8765, the last Atlantean and last conventional first generation rear engined chassis to have the SELNEC/GMT Standard body fitted on it, on 1st July 1984.

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