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The Selnec Preservation Society

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Dates for your Diary:-     Working Days        Road Run, Rallies and Shows

Working Days

If you would like to assist the Society with working upon a current restoration project - please email Here

All these activities take place at one of our Storage Facilities when required. Within the future, set working days will return and be uploaded upon this website.

In order to dispel a myth it is not necessary to have qualifications in engineering or great skill in DIY or bus repair techniques in order to help out at one of our working days and the invitation is therefore open to all members who wish to come along and join us to help in pursuing further achievements.  Most of the work is relatively routine and down to earth, such as sanding down, scrubbing, cleaning and painting, and these basic fundamental factors probably relate to approximately 70% of the work undertaken.

Any member who wants to come down to help out in any of these basic functions is more than welcome to do so.  Obviously if we have any members who have any DIY skills then we would welcome meeting them as they can perhaps become involved in the remaining 30% of activities such as drilling, screwing, riveting, repairing and replacing.

Taking part in rectification of vehicles is not a great skills bestowed on relatively few individuals; it is a task that can be accomplished quite easily by any members, should they wish to participate.
If you wish to have a chat about potential input please don't hesitate to forward your details to our membership secretary by e-mailing us at Here

 Road runs, Rallies an Shows

The following are the proposed rallies, road runs and shows we intend to be involved in during the Calender year of 2023. These are not events just for our Trustees or working members, but for any member who chooses to come along.

Should any member therefore be interested in attending one of these events from the start point detailed below, or by arrangement being collected at a mutually convenient place between the storage facility and the rally event, then they should contact the Membership Secretary by e-mailing us at Here

The departure times shown are estimated and vehicles may leave earlier or later (they may even leave from an alternative starting point) so if you are planning to attend it would be wise to check the departure details during the week preceding the event by emailing Here

The dates for the the calendar year 2023 are as follows:- 

SELNEC Preservation Society are currently composing a list of events. Please return or follow us on Social Media for updates.