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Of the Daimler Fleetlines, none of the 10 single-door variants exist (EX7 - EX16), but of the five dual-door variants, EX17 - EX21, one still exists, being EX19 (TNB 759K). It was re-numbered 6252 in the GMT Fleet and was acquired by the 16th Middleton Scout Group on 19th July 1984. The Scouts used the vehicle extensively for their Band outings, changing their name to the 16th Middleton Scout & Guide Band on 1st February 1991. Over the last few years, the Band has been disbanded, and the vehicle was parked-up out of use, and unfortunately, suffered some damage through vandals.

The Scout Group had been in contact for a number of years with The SELNEC Preservation Society, as we were conscious that this vehicle was very similar to our production dual-door Standard, 7206, and we had offered assistance and parts to rectify some of the damage caused by the vandals. Consequently, when it became apparent that the Scout Group Band had disbanded, and the vehicle was surplus to requirements, the 16th Midland Scout & Guide Band very kindly donated EX19 to The SELNEC Preservation Society, in recognition of our specialist restoration of SELNEC/GMT Standard vehicles.

We took batteries with us to the storage area in Heywood where EX19 has been parked for the last few years, on 20th September 1998, connected them up, put in some fuel, and the bus started first push of the button. We then drove it on main roads to our external storage facility in Wigan.

However, as we then had only two external spaces on this site, we had to move EX19 to a farm in South Manchester, on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th December 1998 in order to create the space to park-up 408, the only remaining SELNEC Bristol VRT on its return from Bodmin on 30th December 1998, although this has subsequently been moved indoors to Leigh.

Since EX19 is in quite a poor external condition, we felt it was the best bus to allocate to the farm as 408 had come out of service only on Friday, 18th December 1998, was still taxed and MOTed to September 1999, and clearly we wanted it in a more secure area.

EX19, is parked up next to 1321 (BNE 764N) at the farm, this being a Bristol LH purchased by one of the Trustees of The SELNEC Preservation Society.



EX7 - EX21 (6245-6249/6395-6399/6250-6254) (Type iv)

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(TNB 759K)


Northern Counties H45/27D - Prototype



Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB



13th January, 1972



20th September, 1998



The only remaining prototype Daimler Fleetline Standard and one of the five dual door variations.

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