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The SELNEC Preservation Society and The SELNEC Educational Trust have spent most of their time and resources since 1987, acquiring relevant vehicles for preservation, as not to do so would lose them forever. This has meant that progress on rectification has been slow. EX1, 408, 5001, 7185, 7206 and 8001 are completely restored, 1066 and 7232 are in Exhibition livery, and 7077 is in promotional livery, 1751 is in GM Buses South livery, 3001 is in Stagecoach stripes, 6990 is in GM Buses North livery, 5320 and 8765 in First Manchester corporate red colours and also is fully serviced and available for rallies, road runs and displays and 1451 in MK Metro's yellow and blue colour scheme.

We need to find a permanent home for the vehicles sponsored by the SELNEC Educational Trust that is large enough to take all the vehicles in the current locations in Leigh and Wigan and the additional vehicles that are still being sought. There also needs to be sufficient room for working facilities and a display area for the public to visit, being a permanent growing and working Museum, depicting vehicles not duplicated by any other Transport Preservation Groups.

Currently, we are in correspondence with a number of organisations with a view to making some arrangements for a permanent site for the proposed SELNEC Educational Trust Working Museum, which would allow space for existing vehicles, room for new acquisitions, and hopefully, be in a Museum setting to allow the public to visit, with workshop facilities also.

It is our view that all of the vehicles we own and the ones we hope to acquire, will give a unique collection of buses that will truly and comprehensively reflect bus design and development in the Greater Manchester area, for the historic, educational and cultural benefit to existing and future generations.

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