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Obituary: Paul Anthony Wyer Sutcliffe - 7th March 1954 to 18th February 2017

We are saddened to announce the loss of our Society leader and founder of the SELNEC Preservation Society, Anthony Wyer (also known as Tony).

Anthony is well known in the bus preservation scene for his efforts in the preservation of vehicles from the SELNEC era through to deregulation and on. Anthony obtained various historical vehicles from during this period which have formed the collection of the SELNEC Preservation Society, in which a number are preserved to their original condition.

As well as restoration and acquisitions, Anthony built up a wide library of history and information. All this has been represented on our website, which we will remain to keep updated in his honour.
As well as the website, a number of special occasions were recorded during Special DVD presentations. He also commemorated 40 years of SELNEC in October 2009 by hosting a celebratory event at Sports City, which included 26 vehicles from the group's collection.

Anthony was laid to rest at Southern Cemetery on Friday 7th April 2016 following a service at Blackley Crematorium. In addition to all of his family, friends, work collegues and Society members past and present, 800l was in attendance and was used to assist with transportation between the locations. A reception was then held at Longford Conference Centre, Chorlton where everyone shared their memories of Anthony and his favourite DVD, "SELNEC 40" was on show at the end of the room.

All of the SELNEC Preservation Society would like to thank for your messages of condolences. Anthony was a well-known character and he will still be remembered by the continual efforts of the society.

Messages of Condolense

I was a colleague of Anthony's for ten years and have been in touch with Martyn West regarding the awful news that Anthony had passed away.
I wished to express the deep sorrow I felt at hearing this news as I regarded Anthony as a mentor and one of the most influential people on my career. Whilst I regarded Anthony as quite a reserved man, he tolerated my extroverted nature and we had a lot of laughs during the years we worked together. It is so hard to contemplate that when I last saw him in August 2016 and joked that he was the only person in the UK with a fax machine, that this was the last time I would see him.
He was hugely influential on me. When it was time for me to move on from my role at Peninsula he supported my decision. I saw him many times afterwards and he was always warm and supportive. I think of him always as a wonderful man.
I have been devastated to learn that Anthony's life was cut short when he had just embarked on a new episode. May he rest in peace and know how special he was to me and so many of our colleagues.

Love you uncle paul. sleep tight xx
Debbie X

I am shocked with the death of Anthony,he had passion to make sure vehicles was saved while many others of their end.
He was a man who many respected and through his members,restored to a high standard vehicles of Manchester and the information he researched on Selnec/GMT ect was unbelievably spot on.
R.I.P mate, you deserved to watch every one of your vehicles restored ,but not with this happening to you.
The preservation movement will miss you.

Absolutely can't believe it I really can't, I knew Anthony for years, and he was always one to put the buses first and get things done, here is a picture of me (top right) when I was helping out selnec, this was a article in the M.E.N
Rip old friend
Iian Bostock-Frith

I would very much like to pass on my Sincere condolences for Anthony and all who knew him.
I can only say he was an inspiration and a great help, if ever needed, He always was kind enough to think of me for all the SELNEC events and invitations were always appreciated, even though I live to far to have made any of them, I wish i had been able to make at least one of his famous BBQ's.
I will always have fond memories of Anthony and although it was mainly phone conversations we had, they were always informative, friendly and helpful and enjoyable .
I will Certainly miss the Man, as i am sure he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
He lives a big Hole in everyones Heart, But a truly Wonderful and important Legacy which He, and all the working members can be truly Proud.
Colin Lindley, Member No 107

I have been very saddened indeed to learn of Tony's passing. I worked with him for eight years and always enjoyed his kindness, sense of humour and careful expertise, which kept us all on our toes. He was a lovely man and I know he will be sadly missed, not just by me but by all who had the good fortune to know him. RIP Tony.

I was very sorry to hear of the untimely death of Anthony Wyer. His enthusiasm for conserving an important period of transport history was almost without parallel and the achievement of the SELNEC Preservation Society under his leadership has been prodigious. I always found him to be a genial and generous-spirited character. A very sad loss.
Stephen Morris FCILT (One-time editor of Buses and managing editor of Bus & Coach Preservation; recently retired as deputy chief executive of Bus Users UK)

I was very sorry to hear the news of Anthony's passing.
He was a warm and generous man who made it a personal priority to secure the survival of Greater Manchester's buses for preservation. In the period I was a regular working member I very much enjoyed his company and he was very good to all who put in the effort to help at Leigh and other locations. I also enjoyed working with him on the SELNEC Standard newsletter over a number of years. It's a terrible tragedy that he should leave us while still so young, but we should also be thankful for the incredible legacy he has left to bus preservation.
Rest in peace, Anthony.
Elliot Stuffins, Bournemouth, Dorset.

I am still in shock from hearing the news of Anthony. Still not fully sunk in yet that he is no longer here.
The work which he has done to make SELNEC Preservation Society where it is today is trumendous, and you will not only be missed by the current team, but all enthusiasts which have had the pleasure of meeting Anthony over the years.
While I was in the North-West over the weekend, all I could do was keep thinking of the fun memories.
Without you, the preservation scene would not have the knowledge which it has today, and this website is a memorial of that. I will ensure that your task list is completed and the missing information is entered onto this site for all to see.
Rest in peace, Anthony.
Dean Howdle (Or so he liked saying whenever we spoke, "Oh, it's Dean 'Owdle 'ere")

I am writing to express my sadness at the news of Anthony's sudden death, which came as a complete surprise to me as I am sure it did to lots of us. On behalf of the Greater Manchester Transport Society and the National Association of Road Transport Museums. I extend our sincere sympathies to his family, friends and all members of the Selnec Preservation Society, of which he was such a big part.
Dennis Talbot (Chairman, GMTS and NARTM)

I was deeply shocked to hear that Tony has passed away, it feels unreal. My condolences to his family.
Peter Crouch

A great tribute to a great man. He is (and always will be) the pioneer of rear-engined bus preservation.
James Fairchild, Yorkshire

The historic bus world has lost one of its leading lights.
It is fair to say that Anthony did more to raise the profile of the rear engined bus than anyone else in preservation. From preserving his first ever bus (Selnec PTE 7206 i believe) through to acquiring one hundred more, the group through Ants leadership made sure that the story of buses in Greater Manchester in the PTE era (1969 to 1986) and deregulation through to Stagecoach and FirstGroup could be well told.
What is not generally known is that Anthony had a very successful legal career at director level. This wealth allowed Anthony through the group to lavish money on his beloved GM Standards, producing many perfect restorations through meticulous historical research.
Efforts were not confined just to the buses themselves. In around 2005 a copiously detailed guide to the legislative aspects of preserved buses, which in addition to their own members was also made available to other bus preservation groups and individuals nationwide.
Anthony also invested in professional video productions, capturing the achievements of the group from the end of last century onwards. In 2004 and again in 2016 the Selnec Educational Trust provided a plethora of orange buses to attend 'The Big Orange' events at the Manchester Museum of Transport.
Anthony Wyer leaves an amazing legacy of beautifully restored orange buses, and a properly constitited charity to continue his good work into the future.
Our thoughts are with all friends in the Selnec Educational Trust at this hard time.
Tranport Yorkshire Preservation Group

Shocked to hear this very sad news. Condolences to his family. RIP Anthony
Carl McKenna

Only met Anthony 4 times and he was a very knowledgeable happy guy who had time for new people on the scene .......
Christopher J Hindle

Very sad indeed. A great chap. R.I.P. Anthony
Cliff Jardine

Sad news RIP Anthony
Mark Fitzgerald

RIP Anthony
Jeanette Shepsy Fluffy Weatherby

Sad news R.I.P Anthony
Chris Lee

Condolences to his family sad news
David Hargreaves

Rip Anthony some good memories
Craig Fraser

I was saddened to hear of the death of Anthony. Though I never met him in person, he had always been very supportive of my artwork for the SELNEC Preservation Society in the way of headed paper/envelopes etc.
Over the years, he has sent me copies of the Society’s magazine and the contents have never ceased to amaze me with the amount of work done by the members with Anthony at the helm. I would like to pass on my sympathy to all members of his family and the society who will miss him dreadfully.
With all sincere best wishes.
Chris Drew

''PAWS'' was the Pete Waterman of the Bus Preservation World, alongside Tony Wilson with his contribution to Manc Music. Can't imagine ANYONE else having taken on , and won, the battles to secure the future of so many iconic vehicles. I know 'TheSport' have told us about the bus on the moon, well I hope the one in Heaven is rear-engined and Orange, won't be another 'Ant',
Mel Thorley

Genuinely, Shocked and sorry to hear of this... I never knew Anthony. Apart from the Selnec website and seeing him a few times at local Medical Centre, where i worked.
Big regret i never said Hello...You do an amazing job! Big hug to his friend. He was an amazing guy. With the drive and passion to take on the impossible.
Stuart, Failsworth

I am shocked and saddened at recently hearing the passing of Anthony wyer , what a sad loss at a young age to the bus preservation world in the Manchester area and indeed to Tonys family ,Tony started something unique in bus preservation, we all can witness what has been achieved to date , dedicated individuals such as Tony appear occasionally in the preservation world around the country we have been lucky have Tony involved in his passion here in Manchester .
It has been a privilege to have been a member of the SPS from the early days of Tonys vision to preserve an important part of the Manchester area transport heritage and developement ,along with his desire to educate young and old alike with the detailed facts and historical detail of everything SELNEC !!
The society under his guidence and vision was always presented in a professional manner from the envelope arriving in the post ,the members on duty at events kitted out in society shirts ,and of course the vehicles in the collection when restored completed down to the correct nut and bolt !!looking as if the vehicle had just been delivered from Northern Counties etc if not better !!that was the way Tony wanted the end result .
Tony thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years ,an amazing collection of vehicles have been rescued for the future ,you have created a very important legacy because of this you will live on and will not be forgotten RIP
Lets all hope and work towards Tonys ultimate dream and vision of a museum and educational center being established in the future in his memory
Mark Mc Alister (Member Number 37)

Very sad news. Best Wishes to his family. Tony’s legacy is, on and in every vehicle and object SELNEC saved from the scrapyard or rubbish tip. SELNEC will live on because of all his efforts. REST IN PEACE
Ian McColm

We wish to express our deep sadness at the news of Anthony's sudden death. We extend our sincere sympathies to Anthony's family, friends and the SELNEC Preservation Society. A sad loss to our shared interests in the transport preservation world.
Ralph Oakes-Garnett on behalf of the Tameside Transport Collection. Roaches, Mossley. Greater Manchester.

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