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THREE OTHER STANDARDS (7110/7277/7066)

The SELNEC Preservation Society has owned three other ex-SELNEC/GMT Standards over the last few years. Two vehicles have been exchanged being 7110 (XJA 501L), a Park Royal bodied Leyland Atlantean which we purchased to swap with St. Michael's Church, to obtain EX1, and 7277 (YNA 277M), a Northern Counties bodied Daimler Fleetline, which we exchanged with the Bannerdown Gliding Club in order to release 1142 for preservation.

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During the six years of discussion with the fruit farmer in Perthshire, in relation to releasing ex-Manchester Atlantean 3832 for preservation, he had indicated initially that he would not sell the vehicle as he needed it for fruit picking duties and would only swap the vehicle with another Atlantean. Consequently, The SELNEC Preservation Society sought to acquire an Atlantean to undertake a swap with the fruit farmer in a similar way to acquire the release of 1142 for preservation by swapping it with SELNEC Standard 7277, and EX1 for preservation by swapping if for SELNEC Standard 7110.

Unfortunately, after The SELNEC Preservation Society purchased 7066 (VNB 166L) from Bee Line (641) after it had run for Ribble, the fruit farmer decided that due to the fortunes of the farm, he would prefer to sell 3832 rather than to swap it and therefore The SELNEC Preservation Society had to sell 7066 which was accomplished, although initially it was not paid for by the Breakers Yard in question until legal action had been taken. Consequently, 7066 was sold for scrap, although The SELNEC Preservation Society did have opportunity of taking off a considerable number of body parts and a set of tyres from the vehicle before it went for scrap. Subsequently the front mid deck destination panel and nearside engine pods were used in 2002 to help restore 7077 (WBN 955L).

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Then, when the SELNEC Preservation Society sought to buy 3832 for preservation, the fruit farmer had changed his mind again and wished to have another vehicle for exchange. By then it was too late, as far as 7066 was concerned and The SELNEC Preservation Society had to acquire an additional vehicle, eventually ending up with Merseybus 1340 (DKC 340L).

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